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Audi Q8 and Q4 Confirmed for Production

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Audi Q8 and Q4 Confirmed for Production

Great news for Audi lovers and even better news for Audi SUV fans, we can announce that both the Audi Q8 and the Audi Q4 have been confirmed for production. Joining the already impressive Audi SUV line up, these two brand new models will cater for those looking for a large Q model or a more compact sporty model. As a main Audi dealer, we get all the most recent Audi news on new models, so to register your interest and be kept up to date, please send us an enquiry.

  • The Audi Q8 crossover SUV will be produced in Slovakia from 2018. Taking its place at the pinnacle of the Q model range, the Q8 promises to bring Audi drivers a new level of top-end technology for enhanced driver assistance and infotainment, together with an impressively spacious interior. The Q8’s emotive looks could only come from Audi, featuring a coupé style combined with premium SUV design.

    The Audi Q4 will be available in 2019 and will be manufactured in Hungary. Featuring a coupé-style silhouette, the Q4 will take Audi into the Compact Utility Vehicle or CUV sector for the first time. With the emphasis on its sporty appearance and bringing Audi’s experience to bear on this segment, we think the Q4 is set to be the most exciting launch of 2019, and well worth the wait.

  • Join the Q with the new Audi Q4 and Q8

    To find out more about these exciting new Audi SUVs and to register your interest, please call us or send us an Audi Q enquiry

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