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Audi Q8 Sport Concept

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Audi Q8 Sport Concept

Highlighting Sporty Looks And Pioneering Engine Technology - The Q8 Sport Concept

  • Totally talented and marvellously multi-disciplined, the new Audi Q8 Sport Concept shows just how the new Q8 range could develop. Audi obviously has a powerful vision for the future of the Audi Q8 and this Audi SUV concept is certainly showing the way: aerodynamic, luxurious, eight-cylinder performance, mild hybrid technology, highly efficient and all contained in a package that’s both sporty and prestigious. This Audi concept is leading the way in what the next generation of SUVs should be.

    For the first time, Audi has brought together an electric powered compressor with a 3.0 TFSI six-cylinder engine featuring a mild hybrid system for recuperation. The result is a powerful 0-62mph sprint in only 4.2 seconds, a top speed of 170.9mph, 700Nm of torque and a total range of 745.6 miles. What’s more, this superb performance enhanced combination means exceptional acceleration, whatever your speed and in any rev range. Naturally, the Audi SUV concept comes with the quattro all-wheel drive system, whilst the adaptive air suspension sport system allows you to choose to take a cushioned cruise down the highway or a sporty drive along country roads with firmer, tighter handling.

  • Generous exterior dimensions mean a spacious interior with ample head room and shoulder room for two passengers in the rear, relaxed in their individual seats, and plenty of space for luggage too. The seats themselves have the luxury treatment as well, being upholstered in Fine Nappa and Nubuk leather, coloured in pastel silver. The cockpit features large touchscreens, an expanded version of the Audi virtual cockpit and a head-up display, using contact-analogue technology. Driver information is presented to merge the digital and real worlds seamlessly, whilst the Audi virtual cockpit benefits from many new functions and a high resolution of 1,920 x 720 pixels. There's an MMI display for the infotainment system and another for the climate control system, even the lighting is controlled via a small touchscreen.

    Audi has surpassed itself with this superb Audi concept SUV and shown the future for the Q8 model range. If you’re interested in how the Q8 develops into a production range and want to be the first to hear the latest Audi Q8 news, just get in touch with our team at Essex Audi to register your interest.

    Audi's cutting-edge SUV vision – the Audi Q8 Sport Concept

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