Introducing the Audi Universal Traffic Recorder

31 Posted: 31st Aug 2017
Introducing the Audi Universal Traffic Recorder
  • The Audi Universal Traffic Recorder. Exclusively for Audi drivers.

    Progressively designed, easy to use and providing reassurance against the unexpected, the Audi Universal Traffic Recorder is an extra eye on the road.

    The ergonomically designed hardware fits unobtrusively within an Audi interior, hiding behind the rear-view mirror where it poses no distraction for drivers. For ease of use, the Audi Universal Traffic Recorder can be controlled and managed via a free smartphone app. Features include:

    • Live Viewing
    • Data Capture
    • Car Finder

    The system uses GPS, Accelerometer, Radar and Wi-Fi to record data onto an internal SD card.

  • Operating Modes

    The Audi Universal Traffic Recorder is equipped with three different surveillance modes, each featuring different functionalities tailored to various driving and parking situations.

    Standard Mode Event Mode Parking Mode
    • Regular mode for recording
    • Starts when engine is turned on and ends after it is turned off
    • Equipped with a ring buffer, meaning that when storage is full, the oldest data is deleted to make space for new data recording
    • Impact triggered recording
    • When the acceleration sensor exceeds its threshold is immediately begins recording the relevant data
    • Sensitivity of the acceleration sensor is adjustable by the customer via the app
    • Radar based recording
    • Record mode will be activated once engine is turned off
    • System remains in stand-by mode until motion is detected
    • Sensitivity of the radar is adjustable by the customer via the app
  • The Audi UTR app

    The free of charge app features a user friendly and intuitive interface designed specifically alongside the Audi UTR. The seamless connection between the device and the app occurs via a recorder-internal Wi-Fi hotspot.

    As well as using the app to configure and control the settings of the recorder, users have the choice to access data directly from the SD card and export recordings to their internal smartphone storage.

  • Safety

    As with any Audi Genuine Part or Accessory, the Universal Traffic Recorder device and its holder has been through a rigorous testing procedure. Thanks to a crash-proven fixation structure, no parts break up in the event of an accident or airbag activation, keeping the occupants safe.

    The compact product design and intergrated installation position also means there is minimal interference with the drivers view.

  • To find out more or to order an Audi Universal Traffic Recorder for your vehicle then please contact the team at your local Audi Centre.

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