BMW M Range - Everything you need to know

23 Posted: 23rd Jul 2021
BMW M Range - Everything you need to know
  • BMW M Range

    The BMW M blends prestige and sporting style with dynamic power. This is BMW’s fastest and most powerful Model. Unlike the M Sport, which is an accessory package, the M Performance is a unique vehicle variant that benefits from modifications and performance upgrades.

    The M Performance has been inspired by BMW’s motorsport programme, with models still tested at the M test centre, in Germany’s Nurburgring.

    Providing serious driving pleasure and a thrilling behind-the-wheel experience, the BMW M Performance is in a class of its own.

  • Exclusive M Performance details

    The BMW M is fitted with exclusive features and stylish design accents that not only make it stand out from the motoring crowd but own on the road.

  • Powerful engines

    There’s no mistaking the sound of the BMW M powerful engines: a sporty, throaty, gutsy roar that is both distinctive and impressive.

    All models in the BMW M Performance range are equipped with dynamic engines, ranging from 4 to 12 cylinders.

  • Steptronic sport transmission

    Switch from cruising in comfort to max acceleration with ease when you choose the option of 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission. Use the shift paddles, positioned on the steering wheel, or the selector lever, to change through the gears manually, or opt for automatic selection. To hit top speed from a standing start, deploy the Launch Control device.

  • BMW M3 Competition Alloy
  • BMW M3 Competition Engine Bay
  • OEM & UHP tyres

    Exclusive wheels enhance the striking appearance of the BMW M Models. Models are equipped with the largest M wheels and discs BMW have, while select vehicles have specifically tuned M Performance tyres. Accent colours take wheel styling to a whole new visual level, while the wider tyres provide extra grip.



  • Why choose BMW M models?

    If you take your driving seriously and demand high performance, top-class handling and eye-catching exterior design, congratulations – you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a BMW M.

    These are premium cars for big-league motorists who need to have sky-high expectations met. Embracing BMW’s motorsport origins, the M range delivers racetrack quality to the road, with an impressive range of technical enhancements and performance package features combining to deliver an unrivalled driving experience.

  • BMW M Performance models 2021

    Browse the list below to take a closer look at all the available new BMW M cars. The model range includes the sleek, punchy BMW M2 Coupe, the BMW M5 Competition Saloon, new for 2021, the charismatic SUV BMW X5 M Competition, and several more.

    The full BMW M Model range is here:

  • M2

  • M3 & M4

  • M5

  • M8

  • X3 M

  • X4 M

  • X5 M

  • X6 M

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