Dispelling the myth around Diesel engines - Updated.

1 Posted: 1st Mar 2018
Dispelling the myth around Diesel engines - Updated.

With the confusion and media speculation surrounding diesel and emissions, the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) and its members are striving to help consumers understand the issue. Sue Robinson, Director of the NFDA which represents franchised car and commercial vehicle dealers in the UK said “ It is in the interest of the automotive industry that consumers have accurate and honest information to select the car that best suits their needs”.

Find the latest briefing update here - The Diesel Debate Briefing Update


    The NFDA has produced the below information which analyses the different types of pollutants including NOx, CO2 and particulates, and from what sources these derive.

    The information examines the role of diesel with a clear differentiation between old diesel and modern Euro 6 and the different impact they have on air pollution. Then, it looks at the Government’s plans to cut emissions and how these could affect drivers of diesel cars. Finally, it lists the elements that drivers should consider when choosing which car to buy, these include: length of commute, high or low mileage driver and type of journey (motorways or short routes).

    “Modern Euro 6 diesel cars must not be compared to older diesel. Euro 6 diesel cars emit around half of the NOx and a fifth of the particulates of diesel cars built before 2009. It is also important to highlight that cars are not the biggest contributors to air pollution, others include: industry, trains, gas boilers and many types of machinery." said Sue Robinson.


  • Sue Robinson went on to say “Recent negative media coverage has been affecting consumer confidence in diesel and consequently diesel car values. However, there are currently no Government plans to change diesel taxation in a way that would punish retrospectively motorists who own a diesel car".

    We hope that the information here goes some way into clarifying the whole diesel debate to help consumers find the car that most suits their driving habits. Depending on the driver’s behaviour, modern diesel vehicles can be the most efficient option.

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    Find out more about the NFDA and the work they do 

  • The Diesel Debate Briefing - UPDATE

    The Diesel Debate goes on... Want to find out what the latest information is on this subject?  Click to find out more here - The Diesel Debate Briefing Update

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