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Sell your Ford car with The Car Buying Group

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Sorry, we are currently unable to provide vehicle valuations online. However please contact your nearest centre for a valuation of your vehicle.


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  • Here’s how it works

    We’ve teamed up with The Car Buying Group to make selling your car for cash, simple, hassle-free and built to suit you.

  • 1. We give you a FREE, instant valuation

    Simply fill in the details about you and your car for an instant valuation based on your car being in average condition with no options.

    Tell us more about the condition of your car and any extras it might have to see if we can improve your quote. 

    We will give you an extra £100 bonus on top of any price quoted. 

    Remember we will beat any final price from an online competitor.

    Rest assured that you’re getting a great price when you sell your car through the car buying group.

  • 2. We arrange a convenient collection

    When we have agreed the final price, it is then time to arrange the collection of your car.

    You select a time and we’ll collect where it’s most convenient for you either from your home, your place of work or even a dealership where you are picking up your new car.

    A representative from The Car Buying Group will inspect your car and make sure all the paperwork is in order, such as your car’s service history and V5 registration document.

    We will then confirm to head office that the car is as you’ve described.

  • 3. You get paid straight away

    Payment is made directly into your bank account with no transaction fees, no administration fees or hidden costs.
    It’s safe and secure and we won’t drive away until you’ve confirmed the cash is in your account!

    You can then use all or part of that cash to buy your next new car.

  • Understanding how much my Ford car is worth?

    Your vehicles value depends on a number of factors. 

    1. The make and model are probably the most important – some brands and cars are more desirable than others, therefore they hold on to more of their value and command a higher price.
    2. Your car's age and mileage will also have a big affect on how much you can sell your car for. The older the car and the higher the mileage, generally the lower the valuation.
    3. Equally important is your car's condition - scuffed alloy wheels and bumps and scratches will lower the value of your car, because we’ll need to sort them before we move it on again.
    4. Service history. This is the record of the car's annual services. A car with a full service history – where you’ve had it serviced every year or within its set mileage – will have a higher value than one with bits of its service history missing.
    5. Previous owners affect a car’s value – you can find out this information on your V5 document.

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