Jaguar Electronic Vehicle Health Check

27 Posted: 27th Mar 2018
Jaguar Electronic Vehicle Health Check
  • As part of our supreme level of service, we offer a comprehensive assessment of the overall condition of your Jaguar with a complimentary Electronic Vehicle Health Check.

    Lasting approximately 15 minutes, the Electronic Vehicle Health Check includes a Service Advisor taking you through a report of the results. If your Jaguar requires attention, we will endeavor to complete any highlighted eVHC work authorised, whilst your vehicle is at the retailer. Alternatively, we will schedule an appointment for the work to be done at your convenience. During the Electronic Vehicle Health Check, the Technician checking your vehicle may also use video capture to film the inspection*. The report uses an easy to understand traffic light system.

    GREEN means no service or maintenance is required, AMBER means work is advisory or may need attention in the future and RED highlights work that requires immediate attention.


    Video Capture makes it easier for you to review and approve work required on your vehicle.



    Your Jaguar Technician carries out the complimentary Electronic Vehicle Health Check and films any issues identified as red or amber.


    You’ll receive an email containing a link and unique access code to view the video*.


    You’ll be directed to a personalised webpage with the footage, audio explanations and annotated imagery.


    Along with our findings, you’ll receive a fully priced quote. Simply click to authorise work or request a call back*.


  • Exterior of Vehicle: 
    Check the following for damage and/or corrosion

    • Wiper Blades
    • Glass
    • Mirrors
    • Bodywork
  • Electrical: 
    Check the operation and condition of the following

    • Headlamps
    • Brake Lamps
    • Indiciators
    • Fog Lamps
  • Under Bonnet: 
    Check the following for damage and/or corrosion

    • Fuel Lines
    • Coolant Hoses
    • Wiring
    • Drive Belts
    • Battery Connections
    • Radiator
    • Intercooler
  • Wheels/Tyres/Brakes: 
    Check the following for wear and/or damage

    • Pads
    • Discs
    • Shoes
    • Drums
    • Tread Depth
    • Wheel Bearings
    • Spare Wheel/Inflation Kit
  • Underside of Vehicle: 
    Check the following for wear, corrosion, and/or damage

    • Steering
    • Axles
    • Drive Shafts
    • Transmission
    • Suspension
    • Oil Leaks
    • Exhaust
    • Brake Lines
  • The list of items checked are for example purposes and the actual items may be slightly different depending on which retailer you choose.

  • For more information on our Electronic Vehicle Health Checks, please contact your local Beadles Jaguar Aftersales team:

    • Beadles Jaguar Sidcup: 020 8302 3333
    • Beadles Jaguar Southend: 01702 808 080
    • Beadles Jaguar Watford: 01923 802 121
Notes to Editor:

*This feature is market dependant.

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