KIA Increases Security for Keyless Entry System

23 Posted: 23rd Jul 2019
KIA Increases Security for Keyless Entry System

Kia tackles keyless entry car theft with an extra security measure, the KiaSafe case.

  • Kia Motors (UK) Limited’s continues their commitment to customer vehicle security with the availability of a Faraday case for customers that purchase a new or used Kia model with a keyless entry system.

    The KiaSafe case has been developed to stop thieves using devices to obtain the frequency from the car key to enable them to access the car. The case eliminates the possibility of entry with a layer of metal that blocks the device that are used by theives. 

    The KiaSafe case is available during the handover process and is also available to purchase from dealers for £9.99, which means existing owners do not miss out. 

    David Hart, Customer Experience Manager at Kia Motors UK commented on the ingenuity that thieves can use to steal cars “The security of our customers’ vehicles comes second, only to safety, and we are as concerned about the hacking of keyless entry systems as customers, the police and the insurance industry.

    “We encourage owners to adopt protection behaviours as advised by the Police – such as not leaving keyless entry fobs in the front door lock of their home or close to windows – and to use the KiaSafe to ensure their key fobs are rendered safe from hacking” added Hart.

    For more information or to purchase your KiaSafe case, visit us at Coulsdon or Maidstone today!

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