New Engine Joins the All-New Touareg

22 Posted: 22nd Aug 2018
New Engine Joins the All-New Touareg

Beadles Volkswagen are now making a new Turbo Diesel Engine available to order to the new Touareg range. This 3.0 Litre V6 TDI engine has an output of 231 PS and joins the 286 PS TDI engine that the Touareg launched with in June.

  • Both engines are available to order on the new Touareg's three trims, the Touareg SEL, Touareg R-Line and the Touareg R-Line Tech. This gives the customers a wider range of choice and results in a lover starting price for the car at standard.

    The all-new Touareg SEL with the new 231 PS V6 TDI engine is priced at £48,995 (RRP OTR).

    The 231 PS engine gives maximum power from 3,250 rpm to 4,750 rpm. Peak torque is 500 Nm from 1,750 rpm to 3,000 rpm and it maintains the same CO2 figure (173g/km) and the same towing capacity (3,500 kg) as the 286 PS engine.

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    V6 TDI Engine


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