Toyota Welcomes New Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub

20 Posted: 20th Mar 2018
Toyota Welcomes New Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub
  • The hydrogen map of Britain continues to expand with the launch today of a new Hydrogen Hub in Oxfordshire, opening the way for fuel cell electric vehicles such as the Toyota Mirai to become key contributors a future cleaner, carbon-free society.

    Mirai saloon was on display at the event at the Said Business School, representing Toyota’s commitment to helping maximise the potential of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable source of power, both for transport and wider energy generation needs.

    The launch of the Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub is an important step towards realising Oxford’s ambition to introduce the country’s first zero emission zone in 2020. It brings together local stakeholders and hydrogen and fuel cell industries to develop projects that will use technology to meet the community’s energy needs.

    The Hydrogen Hub was first launched in Swindon and Wiltshire in January 2016 and has since helped bring £1.5 million external investment to support hydrogen and fuel cell projects in the region.

    James Clark, Toyota Press Relations Manager, said: “We recognise the potential hydrogen has to reshape society as a plentiful, clean and efficient source of energy. Our Mirai saloon is a first example of how we can use fuel cell electric technology to deliver zero emission mobility that is convenient, safe and practical.

    “The success of vehicles such as Mirai requires the establishment of a wide and robust hydrogen infrastructure, giving people access to hydrogen fuel when and where they need it. This makes initiatives such as the Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub invaluable in bringing stakeholders together to set out a vision for what can be achieved and to help build the engagement and investment to make it happen.”

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