Volkswagen Beetle. The End Of An Era.

18 Posted: 18th Sep 2018
Volkswagen Beetle. The End Of An Era.

Volkswagen have confirmed that they will stop manufacturing the Beetle next year, ending almost seven decades of production.

  • The compact Beetle was introduced in Germany back in 1938 and arrived in the USA 11 years later, where it became a symbol of utilitarian transportation often used by hippies!

    The car attained further popularity in 1968 through the Disney movie 'The Love Bug', the story of a racing Volkswagen with a mind of its own.

    Andy Warhol created iconic prints, featuring the car and a Beetle was also the most prominent car in the background of Abbey Road, the final Beatles album to be recorded.

    The car was sold for about 30 years before production ceased in 1979. Volkswagen revived the Beetle in 1998 with a more modern design. Volkswagen then revamped the vehicle again for the 2012 model year, giving it a flatter roof, less bulbous shape, a bigger trunk and a navigation system.

    Volkswagen have confirmed that before production ceases next year, that they will be offering two special edition models of the third-generation bulbous bug in July 2019. The special editions will come in coupe and convertible body styles and there will be unique beige and blue colours in addition to the normal hues. There will also be standard extra chrome, new wheels and three-colour ambient lighting inside.

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