Volkswagen Transporter sets unofficial Nurburgring lap record for a van

19 Posted: 19th Sep 2018
Volkswagen Transporter sets unofficial Nurburgring lap record for a van

The fastest van around the Nürburgring? Your answer will be the Volkswagen Transporter with a lap time of just 9 minutes and 58 seconds.

  • A Volkswagen Transporter has set a unofficial van lap record around the Nürburgring with a lap time just under 10 minutes.

    The time of 9 minutes and 58 seconds may not seem that impressive to you but the fastest hot hatch record around the 'Green Hell' is only 7.43.8 seconds which was achieved by a Honda Civic Type R, so really, this time can be seen as quite a big achievement from a commercial vehicle.

    Behind the wheel of this record breaking lap time, is Rob Austin, who is HMS Racing British Touring Car Driver. Rob managed t beat the current record held by Sabine Schmitz, TV Presenter and professional motor racing driver. Sabine set a lap record back in 2005 of 10 minutes and 8 seconds, in a stripped out Ford Transit.

    The Vehicle was loaned by a rental company and was left standard at 148bhp with the diesel engine and with no modifications to prepare it for the track.


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