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CUPRA Ateca Takes on Andorran Mountains

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CUPRA Ateca Takes on Andorran Mountains
    • CUPRA’s first model is heading to the Pyrenees to test its dynamic abilities on the snow and ice
    • The high-performance SUV’s intelligent 4Drive all-wheel drive system means it can cope with a multitude of driving conditions
    • Coupled to an advanced and powerful petrol engine and dynamic chassis technology, the CUPRA Ateca is the definitive performance SUV

    Shifting from the confidence of driving on tarmac to the subtlety of ice and snow can be a challenge, but when you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle dedicated to performance and dynamic ability the transition is much easier.

    Those qualities have been distilled into the CUPRA Ateca high-performance SUV, as it heads to the Andorran ski resort of Pas de la Casa high in the Pyrenees Mountains to be tested to its limits on an ice track.

    Just before the brand’s first anniversary, the CUPRA Ateca’s qualities have been put to the test during the event, including its 4Drive intelligent all-wheel drive system, exceptional chassis and remarkable powertrain.

    Getting to grips with the road
    The CUPRA Ateca integrates an intelligent traction system that can react to its surroundings instantly. Its all-wheel drive 4Drive technology analyses road conditions in real time, including the speed of the car, speed of each wheel, the direction, and the driving style or mode to quickly and progressively deliver power at each moment to the necessary wheels.

    Optimised to work together with all the available driving modes, Comfort, Sport, Individual, Snow, Off-Road and, of course, the CUPRA mode, the 4Drive system is designed to enhance driveability, adjust to any given situation so the CUPRA Ateca can continue no matter what the conditions.

    The 4Drive system incorporates the latest generation of multi-disc traction technology, using hydraulic operation and electronic control to deliver power to the wheels in a highly controlled manner, maximising traction even in the most challenging of conditions.

    Located on the rear axle, the system sits at the end of the drive shaft in front of the rear differential, improving weight distribution, reducing inertia and speeding up reaction time.

    When engaged, 4Drive can adjust the driving torque delivered to each axle from a 50-50 split between front and rear to send all of the power to the rear axle instantly. Torque can even be controlled between wheels on either side of the vehicle thanks to the EDS electronic aid which locks the slipping wheel relative to the opposite side, meaning no transversal torque is lost.

    With its combination of chassis technologies and a progressive steering system, not only does the CUPRA Ateca offer a superlative drive but an intuitive connection between vehicle and driver, so whether you’re powering down the motorway or climbing off-road through snow and ice, the CUPRA Ateca remains assured and capable.

    Engineered to perform 
    The CUPRA Ateca has power, performance and driveability at its very core, with the high performance four-cylinder petrol engine its beating heart.

    The 1,984cc direct-injection, turbocharged unit produces an impressive power output of 300PS between 5,300rpm and 6,500rpm, with a huge 400Nm of torque available at a wide range of 2,000-5,200rpm, giving the high-performance SUV a maximum speed of 157mph (247km/h).

    The SUV can reach 62mph (100km/h) from a standing start in just 5.2 seconds. The rapid acceleration aided by the integration of the newly developed seven-speed DSG transmission and a launch control function.

    The outright performance of the CUPRA Ateca’s engine is matched with a dynamic ability few would expect from an SUV, aided by a chassis that has been developed to adapt to an assortment of driving scenarios.

    The CUPRA Ateca’s state-of-the-art adaptive suspension system, Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), can adjust to the driver’s needs, helping deliver its enormous performance to the tarmac. When the CUPRA Ateca adventures onto snow and ice an all-new dynamism, athleticism and competence in an SUV can be found.

    CUPRA: An enthusiast’s brand
    CUPRA stands for the expression of uniqueness, sophistication and performance, and is a brand with the enthusiast at its heart. The CUPRA Ateca perfectly encapsulates the brand’s values: a vehicle born from the passion of engineers and designers, and developed for people who appreciate the purity of its execution.

    The CUPRA Ateca is a unique model in its segment and perfectly aligned to customers’ needs. It offers a striking exterior look, a stylish interior and accessible performance, created from a powerful engineering toolkit, incorporating the essential technological ingredients to achieve its targets, without overcomplicating and obscuring the vehicle’s raison d’etre.

    CUPRA’s first year of operations has proven its potential in the market, as sales in 2018 increased a 40% compared to last year, with up to 14,400 units sold. After releasing the CUPRA Ateca, now the brand plans to double sales within the next three to five years, as stated by Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA.

Notes to Editor:

CUPRA is an exclusive brand for unique people, designed to captivate customers and meet all car lovers’ expectations of uniqueness, sophistication and performance. It has not taken long for CUPRA’s results to prove highly successful since its creation, as sales in 2018 went up by 40% compared to last year, reaching 14,400 units sold. Along with the launch of new models, CUPRA will also keep the motorsport and racing spirit alive by participating in the TCR series. The CUPRA world is alive and ready to conquer a new group of enthusiasts in close to 280 specialised corners and stores around the world.

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