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CUPRA Teases the Interior of All Electric Concept Car

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CUPRA Teases the Interior of All Electric Concept Car
    • CUPRA’s first all-electric road vehicle, projects a bold statement with a confident exterior design, balanced with a sculptured yet versatile interior
    • The concept car uses an interior language delivering a driver-focused cabin, but offering comfort for all occupants
    • The vehicle fuses materials and technology to deliver a driving environment like no other vehicle, but one that is truly CUPRA
    • CUPRA continues to create the future of mobility through the mixture of electrification and performance

    The CUPRA Concept, the brand’s first all-electric road vehicle creates a true sense of performance pedigree in a purposeful design, creating a bold statement of what the future of personal mobility can be.

    The concept car’s sculptured exterior lines are mirrored in its interior. A space that mixes material and technological concepts with openness and focus to create a cabin that provides the perfect balance between driver orientation and passenger comfort.

    The Concept’s interior applies contrasting colours, structural carbon and dynamic approaches to technology and design to provide a high-end, lightweight cabin.

    It’s an interior of balance; balance between the driver and passengers, and balance between performance and practicality. The CUPRA Concept brings new ideas to what a CUPRA can offer, with the ability to switch its personality to meet the needs of whoever is cocooned inside.

    The CUPRA brand continues to strengthen its position as a company focused on the future, developing vehicles that hold the essence of every vehicle that displays the CUPRA badge, but use advanced technologies to meet the changing needs of our personal mobility.

    Vehicles such as the CUPRA Concept highlight the strides the brand is taking to internationalise its line-up, developing exclusive products that provide the perfect mix of performance, efficiency and adaptability in a demanding global market.

    Stay tuned on 2nd of September for the digital reveal of the CUPRA Concept.

    The CUPRA Concept will make its world debut at this year’s IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show.

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9 months ago

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