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    • Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo, MotoGP riders for Ducati Corse and CUPRA ambassadors, take the brand’s competition car for a spin
    • Both riders relished the agility, power and sequential gearbox of the CUPRA TCR
    • Pepe Oriola and Jordi Gené, also racers and brand ambassadors, ride shotgun at the Castellolí track

    We’re used to seeing them racing on their motorcycles and taking corners with their knee grazing the asphalt but Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo swapped two wheels with four when sampling the CUPRA TCR .

    The Ducati Corse MotoGP racers and CUPRA ambassadors are motoring enthusiasts and didn’t hesitate in switching vehicles for a day. The challenge: take the CUPRA TCR for a drive following the instructions of CUPRA team racer Pepe Oriola and brand ambassador Jordi Gené.

    - From handlebars to steering wheel: “You want the same thing whether you’re driving a car or riding a motorcycle – when you’re on the track you want to be the fastest. The difference is that the car makes you feel safer; it gives you more stability”, says Andrea Dovizioso as he walks over to the CUPRA TCR on the track of the Castellolí circuit. Jorge Lorenzo adds: “When riders make the switch to four wheels it doesn’t take us long to gather pace and pick up speed”. With the same enthusiasm, they both put on their helmet and start the engine – in just 5.2 seconds the CUPRA TCR reaches 100 km/h.

    - Curves that test their mettle: Both riders agree that although they don’t have to lean their body into the asphalt, they feel the same adrenaline rush. “The CUPRA TCR is extremely powerful, I love how it feels to drive,“ declares Andrea as he puts the 2.0 TSI engine’s 350 hp to the test on the track. “It’s very agile and allows for aggressive cornering”, he points out. “It handles really well in the curves; you can feel how the car responds to your steering. And it has a lot of composure under hard braking,” says the three-times MotoGP world champion.

    - Always pushing it to the limit: Both Ducati riders praise the benefits of the DSG automatic gearbox. For Dovizioso, “it’s fantastic because it allows you to push yourself to the limit on the track and go faster.” Likewise, Lorenzo also says that he prefers it to a manual transmission: “It’s a lot more comfortable and you don’t run the risk of shifting to the wrong gear.

    - Change in routine: “It’s an amazing car”, Lorenzo declares after completing his lap around the circuit and getting out of the CUPRA TCR. “I’ve been riding a motorcycle since I was 3 years old, an eternity! For me, trying out a car like this is something new and a lot of fun,” he says about the experience.

    - Future racecar driver?: Andrea Dovizioso pulls into the boxes and takes off his helmet with a beaming smile. “I love speed and car racing; it gives me a good feeling. Maybe when my motorcycle racing career is over, some day I might switch over to racecars,” says the Ducati rider with a grin.

  • Note to the editors

    CUPRA is a special brand for unique people designed to captivate customers looking for what the new brand has to offer: Uniqueness, Sophistication and Performance. The time has come for car lovers to get involved with a new brand that meets their expectations. Along with the launch of new models, CUPRA will also keep the motorsport and racing spirit alive by participating in the TCR series. The CUPRA world is alive and ready to conquer a new group of enthusiasts in more than 260 specially selected SEAT dealerships all across Europe

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