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New Tarraco Tested Ahead of Unveiling

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New Tarraco Tested Ahead of Unveiling
  • Check out the video below of the new Tarraco – the latest addition to our SUV range, and our largest model yet – as it goes out for an on- and off-road test ahead of its official unveiling on Tuesday 18 September.

    Stefan Ilijevic, Head of Pre-Development, Patents and Innovation at SEAT, takes the Tarraco through the Mediterranean terrain around Tarragona.

    In the video, Stefan gives us his first impressions of our large SUV. He says: “The feeling at the wheel of the new SEAT Tarraco is impressive. It’s very dynamic and makes you feel safe.”

    He also tests the Tarraco on rough off-road terrain: “It handles rocky mountainous terrain with a slope of up to 70 per cent with ease. Its all-wheel drive seems to have no limits.

    “It has been designed to successfully tackle lateral tilts of 85 per cent. On this kind of terrain it conveys a feeling of sturdiness and safety,” he adds.

    But the Tarraco’s six driving modes also make it a versatile SUV. “All you have to do is turn the driving mode selector dial and you’re ready to drive on [the road] ,” says Stefan. “You can use it in the mountains at the weekend and drive just as comfortably around the city.”

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5 months ago