What is Next for SEAT?

28 Posted: 28th Feb 2019
What is Next for SEAT?
    • Following the presentation of the SEAT Minimó concept car, the company is now gathering input from state institutions and the public to develop the vehicle
    • The brand is looking for a venue in Barcelona for its new software house
    • ‘Mobility Advisor’, an app that features every mobility service
    • Visitors to the SEAT stand include Industry, Trade and Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto, and Catalan Government President Joaquim Torra, among others

    SEAT concludes its fifth time participating at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress as one of the biggest names at the event. The Spanish brand took advantage of the setting to present a prime example of its commitment to urban micromobility – the new SEAT Minimó, a concept car that is set to revolutionise urban mobility.

    With this concept, SEAT confirms it is going to spearhead the Volkswagen Group’s micromobility strategy by coming up with ideas and creating products specifically designed for short trips within cities. The new SEAT Minimó combines the safety and comfort of a car with the agility and parking ease of a motorcycle. It has been especially developed for shared use, is 100% electric and thanks to an innovative battery swap system, it enables carsharing providers to reduce their operating costs by up to 50%.

    Cities talk, SEAT listens

    Over the course of the congress, SEAT had the chance to meet with and listen to representatives of several public institutions to learn about their views and specific needs regarding urban mobility. As a result of these joint efforts, SEAT will analyse the possibilities of integrating the proposals made by authorities and the public in the development of the SEAT Minimó concept car to find solutions with a common goal – enhance urban mobility.

    SEAT President Luca de Meo stated that “we are more than a carmaker and want to lead the transformation of efficient mobility in urban areas, but we cannot do this alone and must partner with cities. Now we must collaborate with authorities in order to integrate the concerns expressed these days at the MWC and meet the demands of large cities.”

    The software house is looking for a place to stay in Barcelona

    In order to adapt to a context that is shaped by change and to successfully tackle the company’s digital transformation, SEAT has announced the creation of a software house in 2019.  The centre is currently looking for the perfect venue in the city and is going to recruit more than 100 specialists who can apply at www.welovesoftware.seat.

    The goal of its creation is to continue to strengthen the Volkswagen Group’s successful IT network of software development centres and increase efficiency through process digitalisation. Moreover, the role of the software house will also consist in reinforcing new business models concerning new mobility concepts, connectivity and car digitalisation, with a special focus on SEAT.

    The Metropolis:Lab Barcelona is going to become integrated in the new centre in order to continue to develop innovative solutions for better mobility. Other independent SEAT businesses, such as XMOBA, will also operate out of this new centre to take full advantage of all synergies.

    Mobility Advisor, a single platform for all your mobility needs

    Exactly one year ago, at the past edition of the Mobile World Congress, SEAT held several strategic meetings with executives from the most representative businesses in the tech sector to research and develop urban mobility solutions based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

    A year later and in the same setting, SEAT presented the ‘Mobility Advisor’ in collaboration with IBM, an app in its concept test stage that aims to offer the best mobility alternative by using artificial intelligence and machine learning based on inputs from the surroundings such as traffic patterns and the user’s own mobility habits and preferences.

    The app recommends the best way for the user to arrive at their destination by analysing the different mobility options available, from public transport to other alternatives such as carsharing, motosharing or bikesharing.

    SEAT’s independent company XMOBA, which tests new solutions that contribute to better mobility, will be leading the implementation of the Mobility Advisor and analysing its integration in Justmoove, the collaborative mobility solutions platform which the company already provides final customers with.

    The 5G Connected Car, first open street pilot test in Europe

    More than 50 national and international media reporters and institutional representatives such as European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Günther Oettinger and European Commission in Barcelona representation head Ferran Tarradellas had the chance to gain first-hand insights into the 5G Connected Car’s first open street pilot test in Europe carried out in the surrounding of the Mobile World Congress.

    Promoted by SEAT and Telefónica, the 5G Connected Car enables communication between the vehicle, the surrounding infrastructure and the rest of cars and is a first step toward achieving cooperative, autonomous driving. The vehicle is now being tested on the streets of Barcelona to gather data and work on its safety development plan while being driven.

    The SEAT stand, a meeting point

    During the four days of the congress, the SEAT stand became the main place for mobility of the future. Prominent names among the various institutional visitors to the carmaker’s venue during the event include Industry, Trade and Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto; Industry Secretary General Raül Blanco; Catalan Government President and Vice-president Joaquim Torra and Pere Aragonés; Catalan Government Ministers of Digital Policy and Public Administration, Business and Knowledge, and Internal Affairs Jordi Puigneró, Maria Àngels Chacón and Miquel Buch, respectively; Basque Government Vice-president of Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness Estíbaliz Hernaez; Deputy Director of the DGT Jorge Ordás; Catalan Parliament parliamentary group Ciudadanos President Inés Arrimadas; l’Hospitalet Mayor Núria Marín; Barcelona City Council member and PSC party mayoral candidate Jaume Collboni; Barcelona mayoral candidate Manuel Valls; MEP Róza Gräfin von Thun und Hohenstein; Foment del Treball President Josep Sánchez Llibre; AMETIC President Pedro Mier; special State Delegate to the Barcelona Zona Franca Consortium Pere Navarro; and Accenture President Juan Pedro Moreno, among others, who did not want to miss out on the novelties presented by SEAT at the congress.

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