Motability New Vehicle Payment Increased to £750

1 Posted: 1st Mar 2023
Motability New Vehicle Payment Increased to £750
  • Get £750 when you take delivery of your Motability car

    As of March 2023, Motability customers receiving their car get a free, one-off £750 New Vehicle Payment.

    The Motability Scheme is giving back to their valued customers. You can use this £750 however you wish - spend it on fuel for your car, put it towards your energy bills or save it. The choice is yours!

    Motability introduced the New Vehicle Payment back in February 2022 at £250. But now it’s been raised to £750! If you received £250 back in 2022, you will be receiving an extra £500 this year to make up the difference.


  • Am I eligible for Motability’s New Vehicle Payment?

    To be eligible for the Motability New Vehicle Payment, you must meet the following criteria:


  • New to the scheme

    To receive the full £750 in one payment, you must take delivery of your first-ever Motability car.

    You cannot claim the New Vehicle Payment if you have already received it. E.g. you won’t get £750 on your next Motability car if you have previously received it.


  • Already have a Motability vehicle

    You’re only eligible for the New Vehicle Payment when you get your next Motability car.

    So if your lease began in 2021 or earlier, you will be eligible for the New Vehicle Payment on your next lease or if you extend your current lease.

    If you took delivery of your Motability vehicle last year and received £250, you will receive an additional £500.


  • How do I get the Motability New Vehicle Payment?

    The brilliant thing about the New Vehicle payment is that you don’t have to do anything! There are two ways to receive it:

    1. Via cheque. This can take a number of weeks to arrive.
    2. Via bank transfer. If your bank details are in your Motability account you will receive payment within a few days of receiving your car.


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