OLEV Plug-In Car Update

31 Posted: 31st Oct 2018
OLEV Plug-In Car Update
  • The government offers grants to support the wider use of electric and hybrid vehicles via the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), which incides Jaguar I-PACE.

    The recent update released by OLEV announced that the Plug-In Car Grant is now £3,500.


    Installers must apply for OLEV authorisation using the online portal in order to be eligible for the Workplace Charging Scheme and / or the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.


    For optimum charging at home, you can install an approved Jaguar wallbox*. Jaguar I-PACE is equipped with a 7kW single phase AC on-board charger**, which can fully recharge the vehicle overnight and deliver up to 22 miles of range per hour. When using a domestic socket, charging rates are slower than a wallbox (up to 7 miles of range per hour), but are sufficient to cover the average daily commute of 38 miles if the vehicle is charged overnight. Industrial sockets can charge up to 22 miles of range per hour. 

    *Jaguar have authorised charging infrastructure partnerships for all markets in which Jaguar I-PACE is available. Our infrastructure partners are available to advise of the best solutions for you. Please consult your Jaguar Retailer for further information. 
    **7kW electricity supply is available in most countries.

    > What's an OLEV Grant?     > OLEV Guidance Document


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