Safety Comes As Standard

9 Posted: 9th Oct 2018
Safety Comes As Standard

“Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has ensured that all drivers benefit from what Thatcham Research calls the most significant development in vehicle safety since the seat belt.” Source: Van Fleet World/Vans A2Z

  • Volkswagen have sent a new benchmark for Commercial Vehicle Safety. In the UK, since 2017, the entire Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle van range has left the factory with autonomous emergency braking (AEB) as standard, incorporating Font Assist, City Emergency Braking and Post-Collision Braking Systems. The industries realised this too, recognising our dedication to improving safety with multiple awards for us and our vans.

  • Ground Braking Technology

    Front Assist helps you manage your surroundings by monitoring the road ahead and measuring critical distances. If it detects a potential collision, the system will alert you visually and audibly as well as preparing the braking system for an emergency brake application.

    The City Emergency Braking feature is active in traffic at speeds up to 18mph. If drivers don’t brake hard enough then the system boosts the braking pressure, and if they don’t brake at all then the system will autonomously brake in attempt to avoid an accident, or reduce the collisions severity.

  • In 2016, the Department for Transport reported that this technology could have prevented 348 deaths or serious injuries and 2,496 accidents if fitted to all commercial vehicles below 3.5 tonnes. Thatcham Research also estimates autonomous braking could save 1,000 lives and 120,000 casualties over the next decade. 

  • “To date, Volkswagen is the only commercial vehicle maker offering AEB as standard across its entire van range. With the number of accidents involving vans increasing year on year, AEB’s proven ability to avoid and mitigate collisions should not be overlooked.” 

    Source: Matthew Avery, Director of Research at Thatcham Research Centre.

  • No Risk Too Small

    Accidents can still happen, no matter how good the driver is. What’s more is that 25% of road accidents include a secondary collision. Recognising this, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' Post-Collision braking uses autonomous braking technology to help prevent secondary collisions. In response to a first collision, the vehicle will slow down to 6mph and will automatically activate the hazard lights, reducing the risk of any further impact. If still in a condition to do so, the driver can then regain control of the vehicle's direction and speed.

  • “Ensuring our customers have the safest and most reliable commercial vehicles is all part of our Working With You promise. Autonomous emergency braking systems mean safer vehicles, fewer accidents and therefore reduced downtime and lower costs for fleets – as well as the potential to save lives.” 

    Carl zu Dohna, Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.


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