Top Tips For EV Drivers During the Winter Season

4 Posted: 4th Dec 2023
Top Tips For EV Drivers During the Winter Season
  • Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here, and with its chilly embrace comes a series of challenges for many Brits, particularly for those navigating the frosty open roads in EVs (electric vehicles).

    The cold weather can affect EVs in many different ways, from running much slower, to the battery fully draining, so it’s crucial for EV owners to be aware of the difficulties, in case they encounter them.

    Group 1 Automotive have provided valuable tips and advice to assist electric vehicle drivers in overcoming any potential challenges that may come from winter driving conditions.

  • 1. Engage eco-mode

    The majority of EVs should feature eco-mode, a function that decreases the power output of the vehicle.

    During the frosty winter months, it’s advised to utilise eco-mode as often as possible, in order to preserve the vehicle's battery, and extend its overall usage.

  • 2. Remember to charge

    Although it may seem like a straightforward task, remembering to keep your EV charged is essential during the winter months.

    It’s recommended not to let the battery drop below 20% charge, as allowing it to fully deplete can potentially harm the EVs battery, and lead to other issues that you'd rather avoid in the cold.

    If your EV battery does run out, the car will switch into failsafe mode, meaning you will have enough time to pull over, and stop safely. If you fail to do this, however, and stop in the middle of the road, you could be hit with a £100 fine, and three points on your licence.

  • 3. Harness the power of regenerative braking

    Regenerative braking is a feature that, in simple terms, reverses the electric motors propelling the vehicle forward, helping to save energy when it's not needed.

    This option however, is not advised in extreme snowy and icy conditions, as it can cause EVs to slide, making driving more difficult, in the already challenging climate.

  • 4. Use alternative heating methods

    A simple and effective approach to maintaining your EVs power supply in winter, is to switch to alternative heating methods, such as heated seats.

    By doing so, you can use less power to heat the vehicle fully and maximise the available energy your EV has available.

  • 5. Simply slow down

    While it may go without saying, slowing down the vehicle is a highly effective way to maximise your EV battery, and its efficiency.

    This is particularly crucial in challenging winter driving conditions, as slower driving can reduce any potential risks to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in the area.


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