11 Posted: 11th Jan 2019

Here are 10 rapidly charged facts about the Pikes Peak challenge.

  • These facts are extremely fast and punchy, just like our extraordinary I.D. R Pikes Peak race car. This car took on one of the oldest and most challenging race car in the world, in a bid to set a new course world record for electric cars. 

    1. 680 PS
    This is the total power output of the I.D. R Pikes Peak car from its two electric motors. It produces 650 Nm of torque.

    2. 2.25 seconds
    This is the time it takes the I.D. R to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph. That’s faster than a Formula 1 car.

    3. 1,100 kg
    The total weight of the car, including driver. Keeping the weight low was a critical objective when designing this remarkable Electric racer.

    4. 14,114 ft
    The highest height of Pikes Peak. That’s well over three times the height of Ben Nevis, just to put things into perspective. The average number of days with snow or hail at the summit in June is 18.

    5. 20 minutes
    The rapid time it takes the I.D. R Pikes Peak’s batteries to recharge

    6. 8 months
    The astonishingly short development time for the car, from the moment the project was confirmed until the weekend of the race.

    7. 156 corners, 12.42 miles
    Two key statistics from one of the most demanding drives in the world. Our driver Romain Dumas will get only one attempt at the record.

    8. One fifth
    The proportion of total energy used throughout the run that the I.D. R will produce itself via regenerative braking.

    9. Four 
    The number of production I.D. models that will follow this showcasing EV – the I.D, I.D. CROZZ, I.D. BUZZ and I.D. VIZZION.

    10. 8 minutes, 57.118 seconds
    The current modified electric vehicles category record, set in 2016. This is the time we needed to beat.

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