A3 EV Grant Scheme

13 Posted: 13th Oct 2023
A3 EV Grant Scheme

Diesel van owners who drive along the Guildford stretch of the A3 more than three times a week, could be eligible for a grant to replace their vehicle with an electric model.

Surrey County Council is working in partnership with Guildford Borough Council to deliver a £11 million National Highways scheme, aimed at reducing high levels of pollution in the area. Applications can be made on the Surrey County Council website at www.surreycc.gov.uk/a3evgrant

Group 1 Ford are signed up to support the scheme and can help find the right EV for you.  Our award-winning E-Transit is available with a £3,000 saving, £1,000 deposit allowance, plus there's the £5,000 Government Grant, and in addition the £10,000 A3 EV Grant available - see below for more info.

  • Go Electric with Ford E-Transit
  • Who is Eligible?

    Group 1 Ford are now accredited by Surrey County Council as part of the A3 EV Grant Scheme.

    If you drive your diesel van on the A3 between the A31 to Farnham and the University of Surrey junctions more than three times a week, you could be eligible for a grant of up to £10,000 to upgrade to a fully electric

  • How does it work?

    1. Check your business or charity fit the eligibility criteria
    2. Book an appointment to come and test drive the All-Electric Ford Transit
    3. Apply for a grant online . We cannot place an order before your application is approved
    4. Your business application will be reviewed by Surrey County Council
    5. If successful, you will be issued with a voucher to the value of the approved grant, to take back to us. The voucher is valid for 90 days. The grant is net of VAT, taken off the full price of the vehicle only, excluding any additional services which the dealership may also provide and charge for. You will not receive any money directly.
    6. Complete the vehicle purchase with finance, cash or lease.
    7. Pick up your new fully electric van or minibus, fitted with its telematic device. Drive at least 150 single journeys on the Guildford section of the A3 each year for 2 years.

    Other compatible funding options
    The A3 EV grant scheme can be used with the following options:

    • Plug in grant, if available
    • Scrappage schemes, if eligible
    • Finance, lease, cash on the remainder of the vehicle’s cost


    For further information, contact our Commercial Sales Teams.

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