Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Group 1 Automotive is the parent company of our UK based entities operating in automotive retail as described below. Group 1 Automotive recognise the importance of reviewing its gender pay gap and welcome the data provided by the review.

Motivated by our core value of respect, we wholeheartedly support initiatives which encourage awareness and promote equality. Given our core values of transparency and integrity, we support disclosure of gender pay gap data.

The company is confident that it applies equal pay principles to men and women in the business, including equal pay rates for jobs of a similar type and pay considerations based equally on the same criteria.

The company is focussing on appointing more women and in more senior roles and the ways in which we are working towards this are described below.

The company’s gender pay gap is calculated in accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Summary of Group 1 Gender Pay Gap

Mean Pay Gap Median Pay Gap Mean Bonus Gap Median Bonus Gap
Group 1 Auto UK 30.4% 11.1% 44.6% 39.7%
Barons Automotive 37.5% 25.8% 47.7% 33.6%
Barons Autostar 33.1% 11.6% -1.3% -51.0%
Beadles 12.7% -3.3% 56.2% 72.7%
Hodgson Automotive 30.5% 20.0% 50.5% 42.8%
Think One 7.1% -49.2% 46.6% 39.1%

Quartiles of Group 1 Pay

Highest Quartiles Second Quartile Third Quartile Fourth Quartile
Group 1 Auto UK 272 employees in each quartile 90.6% 9.6% 80.5% 19.5% 79.4% 20.6% 80.9% 19.1%
Barons Automotive 66/67 employees in each quartile 95.5% 4.5% 71.6% 28.4% 77.6% 22.4% 75.8% 24.2%
Barons Autostar 50 employees in each quartile 92.6% 7.4% 74.1% 25.9% 77.8% 22.2% 77.8% 22.2%
Beadles 50 employees in each quartile 90.0% 10.0% 74.0% 26.0% 82.0% 18.0% 82.0% 18.0%
Hodgson Automotive 52/53 employees in each quartile 96.2% 3.8% 73.6% 26.4% 69.8% 30.2% 84.9% 15.1%
Spire Automotive 50/51 employees in each quartile 98.0% 2.0% 78.0% 22.0% 88.0% 12.0% 72.0% 28.0%
Think One 27/28 employees in each quartile 92.9% 7.1% 85.2% 14.8% 100.0% 0.0% 89.3% 10.7%

Barons Automotive includes Barons Bedford, Barons Cambridge, Barons Stansted, Barons Farnborough, Barons Hindhead, Chandlers Brighton, Chandlers Brighton, Chandlers Hailsham, Group 1 Automotive Central Functions.

Barons Autostar includes Mercedes Benz Norwich, Mercedes-Benz, Norwich Body Centre, Mercedes-Benz Cambridge, Mercedes-Benz Peterborough, Mercedes-Benz Bury St. Edmunds and Mercedes-Benz Kings Lynn.

Beadles includes VW Dartford, VW Maidstone, VW Sevenoaks, VW Bromley, JLR Sidcup, JLR Southend, Kia Coulsdon, Kia Maidstone, Toyota Medway, Toyota Maidstone, Skoda Maidstone, Skoda Southend.

Hodgson Automotive includes Stansted Audi, Southend Audi, Chelmsford Audi, Harold Wood Audi, Chingford Audi, Audi Approved Colchester, Volkswagen Chelmsford, Volkswagen Chelmsford Commercial Vehicle Centre, Volkswagen Colchester, Volkswagen Romford, Volkswagen Southend.

Spire Automotive includes Barons Borehamwood, Barons Watford, Barons Kentish Town, Barons Ruislip, Finchley Road Audi, Watford Audi, Whetstone Audi, Hatfield Audi, Hatfield SEAT, Watford SEAT, Lakeside SEAT, Hatfield VWCV, Beadles Watford Jaguar Land Rover, Beadles North London Jaguar Land Rover.

Think One includes Think Ford Wokingham, Think Ford Farnborough, Think Ford Guildford, Think Ford Bracknell, Think Ford Reading, Think Ford Newbury, Think Ford Basingstoke.

We believe the company’s gender pay gap is mostly due to there being a higher proportion of males in the senior roles that attract a higher remuneration package.

The company recognises the benefit of having a higher female:male ratio of senior leaders and managers. To this end, the company is implementing the following initiatives:

Enhanced Maternity Policy

All companies under Group 1 Automotive UK offer 1) an enhanced maternity policy including 6 months of fully paid maternity leave followed by 3 months of half paid maternity leave, 2) dedicated contact and multiple keeping in touch avenues during maternity leave and 3) various return to work options, all of which are intended to suit working families and encourage retention of female colleagues.

Increased Flexible Working Options

We are committed to offering flexibility within work to suit personal lives and family needs where possible. The company has seen an increased uptake of flexibility options for colleagues with family or other caring responsibilities. Flexible working in our company covers 1) compressed hours, 2) reduced hours, 3) job shares, 4) early/late start & finish times, and 5) working from home.

Measurement of Management Gender Profile

We now measure the numbers of women in management roles and we are proud to see an increase in this number in the calendar year.

Once appointed, new female managers in our company receive a note of congratulations and encouragement from a senior leader and a bespoke onboarding plan from their regional HR manager.

Inclusive Development Initiatives

Having reviewed our development mechanisms for aspiring managers, we have more confidence that they provide appropriate support for female colleagues. New initiatives include 1) coaching for colleagues, 2) focussed action plans, 3) development options within and outside currently held role, and 4) forward-looking training for promotions. It is our opinion that these initiatives acknowledge the approach women typically take towards their career management.

Our Policies

Our recruitment, career development and succession planning policies are all non-discriminatory and inclusive. We appoint candidates based strictly on a competency based assessment. We award development opportunities, promotion and training based on merit.

We offer training to our management teams responsible for implementing these policies and all of our training (whether internally designed or held by one of our partner brands) is delivered with our equal opportunities policy in mind.

We are committed to reducing our gender pay gap and may discuss a gender pay gap target in future once more data is held about the trends in our pay gap.

Importantly, we hope that increasing our female:male ratio in management positions by the above measures should naturally lead to a higher proportion of women in better-paid positions.

Mark Bridgland Operations Director, Group 1 Automotive UK
Paul Daynes HR Director, Group 1 Automotive UK
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