New 22-Plate Registration has arrived!

1 Posted: 1st Mar 2022
New 22-Plate Registration has arrived!

The new 22 Registration Plate has landed without the buzz and excitement that you'd normally expect on March 1st.  This is due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, with many industries still experiencing a global shortage of semiconductor microchips. The automotive sector is no exception, and car production has taken a massive hit across the world due to the lack of microchips.

  • At the height of the pandemic, with the world being told to ‘stay home’, there was increased demand for personal computers, tablets and smartphones and very little demand for new vehicles. Supply was diverted away from the automotive sector to fulfil the electronics demand and what with Covid-related closures at semiconductor factories and international shipping ports; the shortage to the automotive industry was worsened.

  • The microchips, or "chips," are responsible for the function of vital components in the vehicle such as safety sensors, brake systems, driver assistance technology, and infotainment systems. It is for this reason why it is likely to take longer than usual to receive your order because of the semiconductor microchip being such an essential part of the vehicle.

    The production and supply of new Ford vehicles changes daily and we are securing as many Ford new vehicle production slots as we can for the coming months ahead.



  • As a customer of Think Ford, we would encourage you therefore to think ahead and take the opportunity to design and build your brand new Ford just the way you would like it. The sooner you place the order, the sooner your vehicle will arrive. The lead time for different models and variants can differ greatly, so if you’re unsure of the options and would like some help to explore what is available to you, then one of the Sales Team will happily assist you to make an informed decision, be it as a one-to-one appointment in the dealership, on the phone or online.


  • Now really is the best time to place that order if you are considering purchasing or upgrading your new car or van.  Used car values are strong right now, so if you part exchange your vehicle then you can use any equity as a deposit towards your new Ford. We’ve also some great offers available to help make it worth the wait.



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We Want Your Ford

Due to unprecedented demand we are actively looking for low mileage Ford vehicles.

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