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New Audi R8 Range

Crafted and developed from the ground up, the new R8 Coupé marks the second generation of the acclaimed high-performance supercar. Reborn with advanced quattro all-wheel-drive to help tame the ferocious V10 engine with up to 610PS, get ready to be propelled to an incredible top speed of 205mph. Never before has racing passion and energy been embodied like this. Visit your local Audi centre in Essex, Hertfordshire and London to test drive the new Audi R8.

Bringing breathtaking power and outstanding performance to the road, no Audi comes closer to giving you the adrenalin rush of the track in a series production vehicle. With motor sport in its genes, the new Audi R8 range has been transformed to adhere to its racing pedigree, delivering a true incarnation of Vorsprung durch Technik. Introducing the new Audi R8.


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