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Volkswagen’s latest models all share a reputation for build quality, comfort and reliability, and each is available today from Beadles Volkswagen. City drivers have access to the new up!, while enthusiasts can choose the Golf GTI and families can enjoy the spacious Sharan. Part-exchange deals are available with all our models, and you can request a valuation of your current car online today.

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    • All valuations for this vehicle based on condition:
    • Good Condition
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    • Fair Condition
    • Good Condition

      You’ve looked after your car. It has a few small scratches or stone chips, maybe a car park dent but overall it’s looking very good. The interior is very well kept, there are no missing items and no chips or cracks to the glass.

    • Average Condition

      Your car still looks good and drives well, but there are a few noticeable scratches, scuffs or dents on the paintwork or wheels. The interior may have some signs of wear and tear but no rips or missing items.

    • Fair Condition

      Your car drives well but has noticeable signs of wear and tear, including possibly some larger scratches, dents or scuffs to the paintwork or wheels. The interior is starting to look a little tired and worn, and there may be cracks or chips in the glass.

    Valuation Unavailable

    Sorry, we were unable to provide you with an instant valuation at this time. Please contact us to complete your valuation.

    In Association with:

    Valuations are provided by our partner British Car Auctions. This valuation is an estimate and provides you with a guide part exchange value only. We can only guarantee the valuation price after a full appraisal has been completed at a Group 1 Automotive dealership and until such time this estimate is subject to change. This valuation estimate does not constitute an offer by us to purchase your vehicle at that price and we are under no obligation to purchase your vehicle in part exchange at the estimated value or any other price.

    In calculating the valuation estimate of the vehicle we have made the following assumptions:

    1. The vehicle has never been in a major accident and is not categorised as insurance category C or D.
    2. The vehicle is not due a service in the next 1000 miles.
    3. The vehicle is not an import.
    4. The vehicle has not been used as a taxi or by a driving school or local authority.
    5. The vehicle has not been modified, either for appearance of performance.
    6. The odometer reading is accurate.
    7. The vehicle is not fitted with satellite navigation.
    8. There are no noticeable problems with the vehicle’s steering, transmission, clutch, gearbox, suspension or brakes and all electrical items are functioning as expected.
    9. The tyres fitted to the vehicle meet the minimum legal standards.
    10. If any of these assumptions do not apply to your vehicle then the valuation estimate will not be accurate. Please contact your local Group 1 Automotive dealership to obtain an accurate valuation.
    11. Vehicle valuations are provided by our partner, British Car Auctions and are based on market activity. Subsequent valuations for the same vehicle may return a different valuation.

    We Want Your Volkswagen
    We Want Your Volkswagen

    Due to unprecedented demand we are actively looking for low mileage Volkswagen vehicles.

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